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What Is A Nurse And What Are The Duties?

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What Is A Nurse And What Are The Duties?

In this article, we will review the working position in the field of medical health. Lots of job positions in the field of health care, including doctors, nurses, midwives, health educators etc.. Well on this occasion we will discuss the duties of a nurse, be it a hospital nurse or other professional nurses. Nurses are those who have the ability and authority to perform nursing actions based on the knowledge acquired obtained through nursing education. The nurse is a function of work in the field of health in charge of providing nursing services and responsible for improving health care, prevention of disease and services for patients who are sick.

A nurse’s job is to perform her role as a nurse who provides health care according to the stages of the nursing process. Here’s a nurse job description:

– Implementing Nursing
A nurse in charge of providing nursing services to individuals, families, groups or communities ranging from simple to complex according to the diagnosis of the problem that occurred.

– Administrator
The duty of a nurse as an administrator in question here is that the nurse as a specific health worker in the health care system remains united with other professions in the health service that can organise, plan, implement and assess the actions given to the patient. Since the nurse is the longest professional member of the patient, the nurse should arrange, plan and implement the various nursing care alternatives that the patient should receive.

– Educators
The nurse’s job as an educator is to help the patient enhance knowledge in improving the health, symptoms of the disease according to the conditions and specific actions are taken to the patient, family and other health teams both spontaneously (during interaction) and formal (prepared).

– Researchers
The job of a nurse as a researcher here is that a nurse is tasked with evaluating, measuring ability, assessing and considering the extent of effectiveness of actions that have been given to the patient. A nurse is expected to be an innovator in nursing science in order to develop nursing science and improve the practice of the nursing profession.

A nurse also has an assistant who helps her in carrying out her duties. Nurses and nursing assistants help each other in providing care according to the stages of the nursing process. The nursing assistant’s job is different from that of a nurse, here’s the nursing assistant’s job:

1. Keeping Patients
A nursing assistant is in charge of taking care of the patient, such as keeping the patient clean by bathing and cleaning the patient’s room. Not infrequently also nursing assistant put a patient diaper.

2. Caring for Patients
The nursing assistant also helps treat patients well, such as helping the patient eat normally or using aids and wearing clothes.

3. Giving medicine
A nursing assistant also helps provide medicine to patients according to drinking rules according to their levels and doses.

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